Our Story


So, I could start you off with a story of "way back when," I asked my mother to have my ears pierced at the age of 6. But I'm not going to do that to you- or us for that matter! (Laugh a little...) However, I will say that growing up, I absolutely despised looking like everyone else- it wasn't a "cool" thing for me.

I found myself desiring to be different- through the lens of my accessories! Knee high socks, some bomb earrings I found from traveling- I mean just anything to make it "pop" and that has always been accessories! 

While I won't bore you trying to make this sound like a beautiful love story; but what I do know is that I (you too) was born to standout- and that fashion accessories would be the "it" factor externally.

And then Out The Box happened! 8 years ago, we were formerly known by another name and we did well. But that name wasn't "the one"- and thankful to my momma (another story, for another day) 'Out The Box' was birthed.

Birthed with you in mind! The Fashionista. The Boss. Queen Bee. - and all of you beautiful souls that God placed on this Earth! Because what we do know is that we are unapologetically fashion forward and EVERYDAY is a SLAY.... mmmk?!

FLY GIRLS ONLY- welcome!